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Pest and Animal Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

One huge problem that homeowners face is the invasion of pests and wild animals. These creatures enter a property without warning and take people completely by surprise. The worrying fact is that these pests and animals pose a risk to your health, your pets, and your property. You need to have them removed as fast as possible. 

Do you have an infestation of pests such as cockroaches, ants, lice, bedbugs, rodents, etc or an invasion by wild animals like raccoons, squirrels, and birds? Don’t worry; we are a reputable and professional pest and animal control company that can help you get rid of these creatures from your property.

Here, we take our job very seriously. That’s why our professionals have undergone extensive training to equip them with skills to get rid of these creatures effectively. We take pride in offering unparalleled pest and animal control services in Ottawa so that our clients can live without worrying about damages to their property and health issues to themselves. No task is too big or too small for us; we give our best for each project to ensure that as a client, you’re completely satisfied.



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Pest Control Services

There is nothing as stressful as having pests in your home. Bites by lice and bedbugs can give you sleepless nights. Also, harbouring pests in your home can lead to damages to various items such as wood furniture.

Termites, rats, and mice can eat away wooden chairs and tables, costing you lots of money in terms of replacements. Aside from this, these small creatures can eat clothes, contaminate food, and damage electrical wiring. What’s worse is that some of these pests carry parasites and bacteria which may cause various diseases. To prevent all this, hire pest control services Ottawa as soon as you see the first signs of infestation.

Our company has the products and equipment needed to locate and eradicate these pests. With an in-depth knowledge of the different types of pests, our specialists can identify areas with pests and come up with an effective plan to solve the problem. And, our services are aimed not only on one-time pest removal, but also on minimizing chances of future invasion.

Animal Control Services

Apart from pests, wild animals is another problem that homeowners have to deal with. Animals such as raccoons and birds may come into your property looking for food and shelter. While this is a good thing for them, it means bad news for you. You risk noises in the middle of the night, injuries from bites and contracting diseases from their defecations. In the case that an animal dies in the attic, the decaying odour can permeate through the house and be very unpleasant. Get our Ottawa animal control services and have the creature removed from your property in a human manner.

No matter how big or small the animal is, call our professionals. Some animals no matter how small they are can be dangerous. In our company, we understand that a successful animal control exercise is crucial. That’s why we won’t rush into catching the animals. We’ll start with an in-depth assessment of the situation so that we can come up with effective techniques to handle the problem, and proactive measures to prevent future animal entry.

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Why Choose Baraka Animal and Pest Control Services

Customized Plans

When it comes to pests and wild animals, our professionals know that one technique can’t work for all scenarios. That’s why after assessing your situation, they will come up with a customized plan to solve your problem.


Some pest removal products have deadly chemicals, and they can bring harm to your health. Our company uses control methods that are safe for your home and the environment. Our specialists are well trained to handle various products and take protective measures all through the process. Rather than risking your safety, hire us for a professional service.


If you’re low on budget, don’t be afraid to contact us. We can discuss the whole situation and develop a plan that suits your budget. Our pest and animal services are affordable and even an average homeowner can access them.

High-Quality and Effective Services

Pests and animals may have given you a stressful experience for months. You may be looking for a solution that will completely get rid of the problem. Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in these matters and they can offer you a long-lasting solution. After their job, you’ll have a pest-free and animal-free home, plus you won’t be worried about future invasions.

Emergency services

As a homeowner, you may not use when animals get into your property. They take everyone by surprise. Should you need Ottawa emergency pest and animal control services, you can get in touch with us and we’ll come to your home.

Don’t let wild animals and pests take control of your life; get in touch with us to fix the situation. Our experienced, knowledgeable and trained professionals offer the most effective solutions for the most stubborn creatures. And, with our specialized plans and affordable costs, you’re assured of nothing but the best.

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