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Ants Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

House or pharaoh ants are quite common pests of residential apartments and the private foundation as a whole. These hardworking insects are capable of  transforming your dwelling into an anthill in a short time, so if you find these insects in an apartment, immediately contact Baraka ants exterminator Ottawa for an integrated apartment disinfection service.

Our professional ants exterminator will quickly save you from this scourge. Processing will not take more than an hour, will not leave traces and an unpleasant smell, and on the same day, you will be able to use the living room again in standard mode. Familiarize yourself with our prices and processing methods and if you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you by calling our hotline.


The event of ridding an object of ants begins with an obligatory reconnaissance, as the military say, in our case – assessments of upcoming work.

It includes:

  •    inspection of the object for structural features;
  •    accurate identification of the parasite species;
  •    determination of the degree of invasion;
  •    search and establishment of the main foci of infection.

The audit is carried out by our specialist of the company, and on the basis of the collected data determines the most effective method of disinfection. The choice of drugs used is based on customer data on possible allergies in permanent residents of the home and the conclusions of the auditor. He will offer the highest quality and at the same time sparing insecticide, the main task of which is to completely clean the object from parasites.

The customer himself is determined with the method of processing, but our auditor is obliged to offer the one that, in his opinion, will be the most effective and rapid. If the date of commencement of work was agreed in advance, then after signing the contract, the master or team will proceed to the procedure.


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Unmarked & Discreet

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As in any important matter, its success is half dependent on proper, thorough preparation. This is one of the few responsibilities in the upcoming event, which is imputed to the customer as the owner of the premises.

Nevertheless, the arrived master will surely help both in word and deed if something is not ready. But the basic rules must be observed:

  • products must be tightly packed, and the dishes covered with a moisture-resistant material; 
  • personal care products should also be packaged in waterproof bags; 
  • free access to the perimeter of the room from furniture, if possible; 
  • wash the floors and baseboards.

All other nuances on the spot will be prompted by the employee who will be processing.


  • You should not enter the room immediately after the procedure, it should be closed for at least 1 hour.
  • Then: produce intensive airing for about 1 hour;
  • Prepare a weak solution of soda, and a cloth moistened with it, thoroughly wipe the objects that must be touched – door handles and furniture, table covers, chairs, etc; vacuum the carpeting.
  • It is also recommended to refrain from general cleaning at least for a week.
  • When ordering a pest control in Ottawa, it is worth bearing in mind that the Ants exterminator Ottawa Services company has long established itself in the city and region as a responsible and efficient performer.






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