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Bat Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

Bats can be a nuisance in case they find their way into your home. They usually inhabit warm and dark corners like inside basements, walls, chimneys, and even attics. Apart from physical and emotional disturbance, the damage that bats leave in your home can be hard to account for. What makes it worse is that most insurance companies don’t cover the damage or maintenance issues caused by these pests. Each bat can poop 20-30 times a day; so you can imagine the volume of droppings you’ll have to deal with in a year in case your home is infested with a colony of bats. Although they feed on insects like mosquitoes, midges, moths, and beetles, these animals carry bugs, mites, fleas and even ticks which can cause diseases. A colony of bats can cause structural damage due to the traffic of getting in and out.

We have the solution to your bat problems

If your home is infested with bats, then we can help you rid and control them. Getting rid of bats can be tricky. Remember these animals are protected by law and you should not injure, kill or relocate them. It is even a big challenge in case you’re dealing with baby bats inside your home. While you may employ DIY techniques, the final results might not be promising especially if your home is heavily infested. Regardless of the size of infestation, we guarantee you lasting solution.

Our bat removal Ottawa includes:

• Thorough inspection and assessment of your premise before developing a proper plan of action.

• Determination of the size of infestation. This also includes finding out how bats find their way in and out of your home.

• Identification of bat species in your home. Various bat species have different hibernating and breeding seasons.

• Exclusion process. We ensure that no single bat is trapped inside your home. Bat trapping is forbidden and you can only exclude them by letting them fly away.

• Properly sealing all entry points to keep bats away for good. Exit points should not be sealed when bats are still inside. When sealing entry points, not even a single hole should be left. We give attention to possible entry points such as roof edges, fascia boards, vents, loose tiles, and soffits among other structural faults.

• Cleaning of the attics and walls or spaces where bats defecated or lived.

Our bat removal and wildlife control service are all-inclusive. It is safe, effective and we guarantee you permanent results. Whether you have a colony of bats or few bats in your home’s basement, attic, chimney, belfry or any other nook in your home, feel free to contact us for professional bat removal service in Ottawa.


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