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Bed Bug Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

You have a situation in your hands. You woke up feeling extremely itchy and you aren’t sure why. You’ve looked around your bed and there doesn’t seem Unfortunately, these are the tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation. These tiny creatures are extremely tenacious and inconspicuous, Bed bugs can cause serious health risks in addition to the extreme discomfort they impart. Those exposed to bed bug We can help!

We realize that a bed bug attack can change your routine, cause you to be embarrassed to invite people over and even The good news is, we’ve helped numerous offices, individuals and families who have found themselves under bed bug.

Our services

We pride ourselves in delivering quick and thorough bed bug extermination services in Ottawa and we value our customers. Our team will start by conducting a thorough consultation with you to understand the extent of the infestation. Then we schedule a day for the extermination; however, we imagine you would want the problem to be gone right away. 

What’s the Problem? 

In recent years, bed bugs have been making their way back into people’s homes in Ottawa. The oval-shaped bugs are about 4 to 5 mm in size, with a flattened body, making it easy for these pests to infest your home without you ever realizing it. Because they are flat, they make their way into holes, crevices, floorboards, walls, and eventually, into your bed. That last place you want them to be!

Is it Possible to Prevent Bed Bug Infestation?


Maintaining a clean, well-kept, tidy room is pivotal in preventing bed bug infestation. Cleaning and vacuuming the mattress regularly, avoiding eating in bed, closing seams or crevices in a bedroom, and using light colored sheets, are just a few ways you can minimize the possibility of an infestation. Bed bug control and prevention is the first step you’ll want to take, to prevent these pests from making their way into your mattress, and infesting your home.

You’ve Failed to Prevent the Problem: You Know the Problem Exists… Now You Need to Identify It

If you’ve been itching in bed, or feel uneasy, look for signs of these small creatures lurking around. In some cases, you might find pieces of brown or reddish flakes or even dead bed bugs that have made their way into your mattress and have infested it. If you spot these issues, a bed bug exterminator should be contacted immediately.

Why Hire Baraka Pest Control?

Even if bed bugs haven’t infested your mattress, if you spot signs of bug infestation, feel like you’re itching in bed, or believe other infestation exists in the home, you’ll want to have the appropriate bed bug control completed. An exterminator will

– Quarantine the area and identify if the infestation is a result of bed bugs (or other pests)

– Treat the mattress and the entire room, to ensure the infestation is killed off

– Disinfect the sheets, mattress, and other areas of the bedroom, to safeguard from future infestations

– Utilize heat treatments, to kill the bed bugs without the use of strong or harsh chemicals in your home.

Only a bed bug exterminator is going to utilize the proper bed bug control techniques, extraction methods, and equipment, to rid your home of these pesky creatures. Furthermore, an exterminator is going to safeguard your home, to help prevent future outbreaks. They’ll provide you with the right tips to keep your home tidy and ways you can prevent these creatures from returning in the future.

Why Did Bed Bugs Infest My Home in the First Place?

In recent years, bed bug infestation has made its way throughout Ottawa, Canada, and throughout the US as well, looking for the perfect environment to nest. What bed bugs look for is

– Warm temperatures

– Multi-unit buildings or apartments (easier to infest more spaces at once)

– Carbon dioxide and the heat emitted by the human body

Sanitization and maintaining a clean home, do not prevent infestation. This is why it is so important for homeowners, property owners, and renters, to pay attention to the signs that these pests have made their way into the home. It’s important to note that during the daytime, they’ll hide in baseboards, crevices, or areas in walls or flooring, that are easy to creep into. Therefore, if you notice gaps in the walls, missing caulk, or other areas where these pests can sneak into your bedroom and make their way onto the mattress, it’s important to seal these gaps immediately.

Is it Easy to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs multiply quickly; females can lay up to 500 eggs during their lifetime. In a period of only six months, tens of thousands of these pesky creatures can make their way into your home. And, if you don’t hire a bed bug exterminator to get rid of them, the problem is going to keep multiplying and coming back.

What most people don’t understand is that it’s not as easy as purchasing a “bed bug killer” or chemical in stores. Heat treatments and other bed bug control methods which professional exterminators practice, along with the right products to rid the home of bed bugs, is the only way to properly treat, kill off, and prevent future infestation. You can’t treat the problem on your own using strong chemicals; the appropriate techniques must be utilized, to ensure the bed bugs won’t return.

What Should I Look For?

You’ll notice red stains on your mattress if you’ve been bit by bed bugs. You might also see dead skin flakes or wings in your bed. If you do, make sure you act quickly. If you believe there’s any sign of infestation in your home, don’t wait! You don’t want to use any chemicals or store-bought solutions to try to get rid of the bed bugs either. This might further complicate matters. What should you do instead? Call a professional bed bug exterminator to remedy the problem.

The first step is to diagnose the issue, determine how it began, and determine what the appropriate bed bug control methodology is, to rid the issue in your home. This is a job that is best left to a professional exterminator with experience, knowledge of these pests, and the right equipment and solutions to treat the problem.

If you’re home is infested with bed bugs, pests, or if you live in an area where wild animal infestation is a problem, you don’t want to let these issues linger for too long. Doing so will make matters worst. Let our team of licensed, specialized professionals provide the guidance and resolution you’re after. Contact us today to learn about our extermination services and how we can help with bed bug control and infestation issues in your home today.

If you have any questions about the extermination process, do give us a call at +1 613-704-2730. We’re happy to help.


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