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Dead Flea profile photo on white background
Dead Flea profile photo on white background

Fleas Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

You are at the right place at fleas exterminator Ottawa company when it comes to fighting fleas at home. It is widely known that fleas are one of the most persistent pests to control. First of all, the flea is able to remain in rest for up to two years after it is born as a small larva. In addition, fleas are able to hide in many places within a household. They can be found on the couch, your bed, chairs and in the carpet. In short, if you have fleas at home, it is best to hire a professional flea fighter. Our specialists are available every day to combat this vermin. Fighting fleas at home are what our specialists are ready for every day.

Do you have fleas at home?

 Then keep calm, fleas are much less dangerous compared to the past. Around the middle ages, the flea still regularly caused bubonic plague. Fortunately, that is different nowadays.

Although the flea can still be a carrier of various parasites such as tapeworm and different types of bacteria, fleas usually only cause a nuisance. Fleas in the house, however, give an unhygienic feeling and most people want to get rid of it quickly. You, therefore, want a professional fighter to come quickly to combat the flea infestation.

The strength of the specialists at Ottawa is the many years of experience in flea control. Fighting fleas at home have now become our specialty. After a thorough inspection and the application of environmentally friendly pesticides, you will in most cases no longer suffer from fleas. Our treatment ensures that both fleas and eggs are controlled. This way you will not suffer from a new flea infestation.

In addition, our experts give you tips that help prevent a new pest. If you want us to fight fleas in your home, please contact us.

Fleas Removal

Fleas removal must be done thoroughly. The entire home or business premises must be tackled and the costs involved depend on the size of the space. If you decide to work with us, you are requested to temporarily leave the house to let the pest controller do his work. Unfortunately, removing fleas is not easy, thorough treatment is required.

The costs of flea control depend on the size of the pest. After you have called our control service, we are usually at your doorstep within 24 hours. In any case, the costs for controlling fleas are always lower than the costs that a real flea infestation can ultimately deliver. In most cases, we can make an accurate estimate of the costs in advance.

What does professional flea control at home cost? Contact fleas exterminator Ottawa and make an appointment and also get the indication of the costs. You can safely leave the flea control to the professionals of Baraka Pest control company Ottawa!


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