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Racoon Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

Raccoons are among the most common species of wildlife that constantly come into conflict with humans.

In the past, raccoons used to be found commonly in rural and undeveloped forest areas but now you will find them even in the most dense areas in Ottawa.

Raccoons are highly adaptive, strong, intelligent and nimble creatures. They usually gain access to your home through the chimney or by removing shingles or fascia boards to enter through the roof. Some of the more clever ones will wait for the opportune moment and enter through the pet door. Raccoons can cause structural damage to your house and are also known to carry diseases like rabies, distemper, and others.

They can also carry parasites and their droppings may have the deadly raccoon roundworm. As such, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, since most raccoons are usually looking for a place to keep their young safe, it’s important to use humane methods to remove them from your home.

If you are facing a raccoon problem in Ottawa, you have come to the right place. We are raccoon removal Ottawa experts who know how to get rid of raccoons without hurting them.

How it works

Once you hire us, our highly trained and experienced wildlife removal experts will arrive at your home and conduct a thorough inspection to determine how the raccoons may have got in and where they are. Raccoons

usually hide in chimneys, attics, and basements. Once we have located the raccoon family, we start making plans on how to remove them based on the number of raccoons, their age and size. We start by removing the mother raccoon as we know how feisty she can get when trying to protect her young and then collect the babies. Our methods include:

a) chasing the raccoons outside.

b) trap and release

c) one-way-doors – this method is best if your home is infested with many adult raccoons that cannot be chased out or trapped.

Once we are 100% sure there are no raccoons in your home, we proceed to repair any parts of your house the raccoons may have damaged such as the chimney cover, shingles, and fascia boards. This is followed by animal proofing of the roof vents, chimneys, and any other parts of the house the raccoons may gain entry through.

The final step is to reunite the mother raccoon with the babies so that she can move them to a new den away from your home.

If you are looking for humane, fast and effective raccoon removal services in Ottawa, get in touch with us today.


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