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Rats Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

Rats are one of the worst creatures that you can allow to live in your home and also one of the toughest to get rid of. Rats can be extremely destructive and are known to spread certain diseases to humans, such as Leptospirosis, rat bite fever, among others. They will eat and contaminate your food and then nibble on electric wires and other structural components of your house. They also carry parasites, such as fleas, which may end up infesting your entire home and pets. Plus, nobody wants to see rats running around the house in the presence of a guest; it can be extremely embarrassing.

Therefore, it’s clear that you need to hire rat extermination services the minute you get the slightest feeling that you may have an Ottawa rat problem.

How to identify a rat problem

It is important to identify a rat infestation in its early stages before they recreate and grow in number. The easiest way to detect rats is by seeing them running around the house. However, this usually happens when the rats have been in your home for quite some time.

What to do when you discover a rat infestation

The first thing you need to do when you realize that you are facing a rat infestation is to call a reliable rat exterminator Ottawa. Luckily, we are one of the top rat extermination experts in Ottawa so you don’t have to look far.

Once we get to your home, we will first assess the extent and nature of the infestation to determine the best techniques to use. This is followed by a thorough professional rat extermination process that uses chemicals and methods that are safe for your home and the environment.

Our rat extermination process does not end there; once we are sure all rats are dead, we take measures to prevent any future infestation by rats by sealing off any entry points and giving you advice on what you can do to keep rats at bay.

Other signs you can look for before you actually see the rats include;

  • Hearing scratching, running and biting noises in the walls, basement, or attic.
  • Seeing rat droppings in places like the pantry, kitchen cabinets, basement, and attic.
  • finding holes in your clothes.
  • finding holes in food bags and containers.

Why Us?

We are a locally owned and operated extermination service which offers same day service at no extra cost.

We are always available 24/7 for emergencies with 100% guaranteed results. All our staff members are fully trained, licensed and insured to ensure we give you unmatched service. Call us now for an estimate.


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