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Skunk Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

The skunk is a mammal that produces a very strong smell for self-defense. These species can not only be irritating to your senses but also bring about serious destruction to the buildings and landscaping. They are not quite aggressive animals but use their smelling potential to avoid a perceived threat. When approaching these animals, it is very difficult to differentiate between those infected with rabies and those not affected. It is therefore highly advisable that you approach professionals for safe skunk removal services. This is where we come in to help. We are a pest and wildlife control company based in Ottawa with a highly skilled and experienced team on how to get rid of skunk under porch, shed, deck and other solid-foundations.

What We Do For You

Evaluate and Remove

Our wildlife experts are trained to locate the entrance points for these skunks which are normally under porches, sheds and decks. The access to these holes is often difficult but our technicians apply some specific skunk removal approaches and techniques to find the adult skunks. The young ones are placed gently in a heating-box then moved with their mothers to the chosen site.

Clear and Remove

We offer a reliable, effective and humane skunk removal strategy. Included in our intervention is the devotion to cleaning the contaminated items that could result in serious health risks. Based on the level of contamination, our wildlife experts will assist you to choose the appropriate cleaning technology. This way, all the skunks will be removed and your house made comfortable again for you and the family.

Why We Are The Best


The relocation, trapping and killing of animals is illegal. Our skunk control and skunk removal process and satisfy these requirements and we put emphasis on educating our clients on the importance of this.


humane skunk removal is what we carry out and our wildlife experts are specifically trained and experienced in this. We do it in a manner preventing injury, undue stress and minimizing the skunks spraying risk.

Cost Effective

We make sure that the whole skunk family gets removed with no harm. When they are improperly removed, these species may require resulting in additional expenses in the future. With our approach, this is totally avoided. Removing dead skunks can be disgusting as a result of skunk scent sacks Industry Leader.

Our commitment to prevention, education and innovation make us a champion in the industry of wildlife control.

High-Quality Service

The clients we have worked for are very satisfied with the service we offer. We look forward to serving you.


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