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Spider Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

Spiders in the house: normal numbers or a spider pest?

A hygienic house contains an average of 1500 spiders. The spinning season starts in April and lasts until it starts freezing again. However, you will find most spiders in the house in June and September. Especially in the fall, you can suffer from a spider pest. The adult males then come out of their hiding places to look for a female to mate with. You will see them regularly walking through your house.

Hiding places of spiders indoors

Indoors there are various places where spiders hide, they can actually be everywhere. A spider pest is therefore not always immediately visible. Popular places are:

  • in the attic,
  • in the cellar,
  • behind false ceilings,
  • behind baseboards,
  • in hollow spaces in the house,
  • in drains,
  • in the kitchen behind the stove.

Not all spiders like the same climate. Some prefer dry lofts, others prefer spiders in a wet basement. Spiders eat insects, so you can expect spiders in places where there are many insects. You will find insects, especially in those places in your home that you don’t often come to: in the attic and in the basement, but also behind the stove and around the garbage bin because there are food scraps. A spider pest can easily arise here.

Solve the spider nuisance yourself!

Solving the spider nuisance yourself in and around your house is, given the huge number, impossible work. It’s fighting the beer quay. Moreover, fewer spiders in the house have more food at their disposal, which means that they lay more eggs. The result is that the nuisance is only spreading.

A common method of limiting is the removal of cobwebs. This actually doesn’t help. Spiders simply create a new web in the same place. And over time, they might make the web somewhere else, but stay indoors. This will not release you from the nuisance.

Do you want to get rid of the spider nuisance quickly?

The removal and prevention of spider nuisance is our field. We use an environmentally friendly and nontoxic product for this. With this, we have already relieved many individuals and companies from the nuisance in recent years. We as spider exterminator Ottawa only carry out treatments on the outside of your home or business premises.


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