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Squirrels Control Services in Ottawa, Ontario.

Squirrels are always active and playful, but this should not blackmail you thinking they are no-harm causing animals. Their active role of jumping is the same they use when they start damaging your properties. Once you notice even one squirrel in your home, take precaution to look for their elimination ways since they are extremely dangerous. If you spare them, they will destruct your attic and garden as well. They are capable of uprooting plants hence terminating their growth life.

Identifying squirrel infestation When they are happily jumping around your compound, you may see them at the garage or accessing the roof towards the attic side that is a sign they want to infest. If you happen to realize some damages in your homestead, hearing rustling and scratching sounds in attic and wall regions, know the squirrels are overrunning your place. If you witness one among these, then look for experts for squirrel removal Ottawa we are always available.

Assess and Remove

Accessing and removing the squirrel is step one after noticing them around. Engage with our technicians from human-wildlife control who will diagnosis the problem of the squirrel by inspecting your property and attic too. They will look at all damages caused by the squirrel in your property to come up with the steps they need to exclude and remove the wildlife. After all the findings, our technicians then gives you results and explain the process of eliminating you. In case of any question, our technicians will answer and satisfy your inquiries and update you through the methods. All the work we take has got a guarantee written, so you don’t need to worry.

Clean and Clear

Despite the squirrels being cute, they should never be entertained again in your home since they may change their cuteness to damage at once. After evicting the squirrels, our team will start cleaning all messes caused in your homestead by squirrels. All jobs are done with assessing your property both interior and exterior. Our technicians have to look at all signs of damage and any contamination in your home. After that, they will decontaminate your property too.


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Unmarked & Discreet

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Prevent and Protect

After decontamination, our experts then ensure your home is safeguarded from any future intrusions by wildlife. The high-quality materials like silicone sealant and screening are used by our Wildlife Control to prevent cunning and dexterous wildlife animals from entering your area. Our technicians always ensure you and your properties are protected since our customer service experience is.

If you happen to spot any squirrel in your homestead again, the squirrel removal Ottawa is the way forward for such removal services. Don’t delay since the more time you waste, the more the destruction; hence, the higher the cost you will incur for repair. We offer services in Ottawa, ON, and the areas surrounded but as you call we immediately react to your needs.






Fast and Efficient

Why Choose Baraka Animal and Pest Control Services

Customized Plans

When it comes to pests and wild animals, our professionals know that one technique can’t work for all scenarios. That’s why after assessing your situation, they will come up with a customized plan to solve your problem.


Some pest removal products have deadly chemicals, and they can bring harm to your health. Our company uses control methods that are safe for your home and the environment. Our specialists are well trained to handle various products and take protective measures all through the process. Rather than risking your safety, hire us for a professional service.


If you’re low on budget, don’t be afraid to contact us. We can discuss the whole situation and develop a plan that suits your budget. Our pest and animal services are affordable and even an average homeowner can access them.

High-Quality and Effective Services

Pests and animals may have given you a stressful experience for months. You may be looking for a solution that will completely get rid of the problem. Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in these matters and they can offer you a long-lasting solution. After their job, you’ll have a pest-free and animal-free home, plus you won’t be worried about future invasions.

Emergency services

As a homeowner, you may not use when animals get into your property. They take everyone by surprise. Should you need Ottawa emergency pest and animal control services, you can get in touch with us and we’ll come to your home.

Don’t let wild animals and pests take control of your life; get in touch with us to fix the situation. Our experienced, knowledgeable and trained professionals offer the most effective solutions for the most stubborn creatures. And, with our specialized plans and affordable costs, you’re assured of nothing but the best.

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